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Talent concept

Talent concept

Adhering to the "respect for human value, develop human potential, sublimation of the human mind" talent work purpose, the United States with the house to become a sea of rivers organization, in this organization, ordinary people into excellent people, excellent people into excellent people, a steady stream of people here to achieve their dreams in life. Cultivate and create a win market leader, create organizational advantages, lead the value-oriented, sense of mission and sense of responsibility of the talent team, support the realization of strategic goals, is the United States with the house of the ongoing pursuit of talent.

We care for our employees from life, emotion and growth. The people of Miyanju cherish their own inner dreams and pursuits, because there are dreams to be more energetic, more creative, more than other organizations and individuals to promote the power to achieve the sublimation of the realm of the self.
Guiding ideology

Respect the value of people

We advocate that everyone is a talent. As long as agree with the concept of the United States with the home, as long as the spirit of professionalism and professional quality, as long as you can create performance, are the United States with the home, can become a United States with the home of the talent.
The United States with the home advocate enterprise value and staff value of common growth, with the development of the enterprise, the staff also get with their own pay appropriate compensation and position, realize the value of recognition.
To let the staff because of the United States with the home of the work experience and produce China Resources brand effect, have a higher market value.

Develop human potential

The United States with the home to the development of talent on the strategic height, and constantly to provide employees with learning opportunities, work opportunities, opportunities to challenge themselves, which is the United States with the home to the greatest respect for people, the greatest good to the staff.
The United States with the house efforts to optimize the talent selection, training, use, retention mechanism, emphasizing the performance-oriented use of people, scientific evaluation of the selection of people, all-round multi-level training people, fully tap the potential of people to make the best use of their talents.

Sublimation of the human mind

Following the business philosophy of "people-oriented, population-driven growth, respect for the human spirit, improve people's lives", all business activities of Miyanju exist for the betterment of people's lives. This is the meaning of the work, life and growth of the people of Meiyanju, and also the higher spiritual pursuit of the people of Meiyanju.
Through cultural training, value shaping, mechanism incentives, work experience and other ways, we create a kind of atmosphere to stimulate people's progress, promote people's growth, stimulate the staff's sense of enterprise, sense of responsibility, sense of mission, and lead the staff to explore the significance of work and life, and devote ourselves to a higher level of sublimation of the spirit, and to realize the pursuit of the pursuit of the personal interests.

Talent Management

Talent management from the strategy and organizational development needs, around the United States with the residence of the talent team construction, for different groups of talent to form a differentiated management system, constituting talent standards, planning, selection, training, use and retention of the management of the closed loop. 
Meiyanju promotes key position employees to carry out multi-position, cross-function and cross-industry training, constantly optimizes the matching degree between people and positions, people and teams, and people and organizations, improves the structure and level of the talent team, and maintains the passion and vitality of the organization.