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Good at heart is in shape

The United States ranks with sidelights of founder Mr. Xia Jiange

The United States ranks with the company founder Mr. Xia Jiange: from 1992 to 2000 serving foreign executives to set up their own company (Xin Xintai company) has been affected by the work environment and the experience of product development and management, strict control of product quality, the pursuit of perfection, at the same time, also beat him in order to cause a set of R & D and technical management as a founder.

With the 2012 electric smart clothes machine in the market by consumers love and recognition, production and sales of high growth, Mr. Jiange summer to carry out a full investigation of the industry, according to their existing Hin Xintai company R & D and production capacity, decided to start the research and development production racks in the second half of 2012, and registered with the United States in the "brand in 2014.
017 officially launched the United States and the United States in the ninth series of full range of clothing products.
Five years of grinding sword, it is because of the summer Jiange Mr. on quality, can work, appearance, practicality, user experience extreme pursuit, regardless of the cost of investment, only lasted for five years, to have a. Is this kind of extreme pursuit of beauty in the pursuit of the perfect injection with gene.
Mr. Xia believes that a good product is the beginning of marketing!