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View of talent

View of talent

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View of talent
Uphold the principle of "respecting the value of people and the development of human potential, the sublimation of the human mind" personnel work purpose, to create a beautiful home with all rivers run into sea organization, where ordinary people to become good people, good people become an outstanding person, Everfount people realize the dream of my life in in this. Training and creating a market leader, creating organizational advantages, leading value orientation, a sense of mission and sense of responsibility of the talent team, to support the realization of the strategic objectives, is the United States and the United States continued to pursue talent.
The United States and the United States from the life, emotional, growth and care staff. People in the United States cherish their own dreams and the pursuit of the heart, because the dream is more dynamic, more creative, more than other organizations and individuals to promote the realization of the sublimation of the realm of self.
guiding ideology
Respect for human values
The United States advocates everyone is talent. As long as the identity of the United States with the concept of living, as long as the professionalism and professional quality, as long as they can create results, are the United States with the people, can become the United States and the United states.
With the development of the enterprise, the staff of the United States and the staff of the United States have also been able to get the reward and the position which is suitable for their own pay, and realize the value recognition.
To allow employees to work in the United States due to the presence of Huarun brand experience, has a higher market value.
Developing human potential
With the development of talent in the strategic position of the United States, continue to provide employees with the opportunity to learn, work opportunities, the opportunity to challenge themselves, which is the largest u.s..
The United States ranks with efforts to optimize the personnel selection, training, use, retention mechanism, emphasis on performance oriented use, scientific evaluation and selection, comprehensive multi-level training, fully tap the potential of people, people do.
Sublimation of the human mind
Adhere to the "people-oriented, population driven growth, respect for the spirit of humanity, improve people's lives," business philosophy, the United States with all business activities for people to live better and exist. This is the United States with people living, life, the meaning of growth, but also the United States with a higher level of spiritual pursuit.
The United States ranks with through training, cultural values, shaping the incentive mechanism, work experience and so on, create an inspiring, growth atmosphere, stimulate staff dedication and sense of responsibility, sense of mission, pioneering work, life of employees, is committed to a higher level of spiritual sublimation, transcend the pursuit of personal interests.
Talent management
From the development of talent management strategy and organizational needs, with beauty in around construction of personnel management system for different talent groups differentiation, constitute a standard, planning, personnel selection, training, use and retention of the closed-loop management.
The United States ranks with push key positions and multi positions, cross functional, cross industry experience, constantly optimize the people and post matching degree, and the team, people and organizations, improve the structure and level of personnel, to keep the passion and vitality of organization.